Finger Millet


If you want to include nutritious meals in your diet, including fiber, minerals, and vitamins, you must purchase this excellent product from The Right Food. It contains a very high quantity of potassium that keeps your heart health optimum and kidneys functioning properly. The Finger millets contain vital nutrients that keep the nerve intact. It is an awesome source of vitamin B that keeps the brain healthy. Include the Finger millets from The Right Food in your diet and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

If you are into the diet, finger millet from The Right Food is a great choice of food for you. It contains potassium that connects muscles with the brain well and keeps the body functioning properly. This fantastic product from The Right Food helps maintain heart health. A large amount of dietary fiber keeps the body away from bad cholesterol. This protects your heart from a disease called atherosclerosis. The soluble fibers are absorbed before they try to enter the bloodstream.

The Finger Millet increases the good cholesterol in the body. Along with this, your try glyceride content also reduces. This keeps your heart health intact. The dietary fiber in the Finger millet from The Right Food makes the digestive system strong. The dietary fiber is prebiotic. So it supports good bacteria in the gut. Also, consuming enough of this food can reduce the risk of colon cancer in your body.

The Finger millet from our store is rich with niacin. It keeps the skin, blood, and other organs of the body in good condition. It is an important micronutrient and is added as a food supplement. But in our finger millets, you are going to get it naturally.

We all know that such a useful and cost-effective food is very rare nowadays. We can not get them easily in the market. Thus, the Finger millet by The Right Food is an awesome launch in the market. Do not leave the opportunity of getting your body improved from this food. Enjoy your meal along with the health benefits by adding The Finger millet in your regular diet.



  Health Benefits Of Finger Millet:

  • Strong Bones and Teeth.

  • Weight Loss.

  • Controlling Diabetes.

  • Pregnant and Lactating Mother.

  • Maintaining Good Skin.

  • Finger Millet helps in maintaining hemoglobin levels.

  • Benefits of Finger Millets in Digestion.

  • Benefits of Finger Millet – Relaxes the Body.

  • Benefits of Finger Millet – Gluten free.



  • Finger Millet flour
  • Kodo Millet
  • Little millet
  • Foxtail Millet
  • Barnyard Millet
  • Rice
  • Pearl Millet
  • Proso Millet Flour
  • Sorghum
  • Quinoa Flour
  • Whole Wheat Flour
  • Salt
  • Edible Calcium
  • Cluster Bean Powder
  • Starch


 Nutrition value: per(100g)

Energy 380kcal
Carbohydrate 82.5gm
Fat 0.7gm
Fiber 6.1g
Protein 14.5


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